Manotick Village Butcher providing local ethically raised meat to the Ottawa area
The Manotick Village Butcher is currently CLOSED.
The Manotick Village Butcher is currently CLOSED

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Manotick Village Butcher

Ottawa's traditional butcher shop!

As many of you may know early Sunday morning May 21st 2017 the building in which we had our shop was subject to a devastating fire. Although our unit appears to have been spared the ravages of the fire our neighbours V Cupcakes EBA and Tops Pizza were not so lucky.

If you are only just finding us then here is a link to what transpired that fateful morning before dawn.

Everyone involved with our store and our neighbours are numb and in shock at what has transpired. We have been inundated with condolences and thoughts from well wishers both publically via facebook and twitter but also heart felt personal messages from our loyal customers. We can't really say exactly how much these messages of support make us feel - other than very humbled that what we had built meant so much to so many. One thing is certain we are already missing our store, neighbours, customers (no we mean friends) and each other.

The investigators have completed their analysis and determined that an electrical fault in the roof at the south west corner of the building was the source of the blaze. Although we have been unable to fully access the space we can see that much of our unit had been unaffected (directly) by the fire. Until things are resolved we will remain closed. It is too early in the process to know if we will re open; either in Manotick or somewhere close by.

We at the Manotick Village Butcher prided ourselves on being purveyors of the finest quality meat. Taste is paramount and our meat tastes better because it is locally, ethically and sustainably raised.

There are many advantages to eating local food - it tastes better, it's fresher and better for you, it helps the local economy and environment, and right here in the Ottawa valley we are truly spoilt for choice.

In our traditional small village butcher shop you can expect to be met by a friendly, knowledgeable staff providing awesome customer service, ready to offer support and advice on what to purchase and different preparation methods. And of course providing a custom cutting service to allow you to have your meat cut to your specifications.

We believe that value is a rare commodity and we strive to provide value to our suppliers, customers and staff. We are a business with a purpose!