Horse-mad ex-vegan

I joined the team when there were still gaping holes in the floor where coolers now stand! And have quickly become essential personnel during the arduous construction process, often for providing much needed comic relief and very timely caffeine fixes!

As one of the shop assistants I will become a familiar face to our customers, and will be involved in the cooking of our ready made products. I am really excited about working for the Manotick Village Butcher because of the calibre of product that we will be providing. Not to mention that finding bosses like James and Elizabeth is extremely rare and we are very lucky to have them.

In the past I was a vegan and was vegetarian for about two years. I am strongly opposed to the quality of grocery store products and the mistreatment that is typical for animals raised in the industrial food system. I returned to meat only when I discovered suppliers of free range products that would allow me to be a compassionate carnivore. I will also be a keen customer of the shop, as well as staff.

I am a graduate of Algonquin College’s Culinary Management program and am currently studying accounting. I have a second job for a small business doing wedding decoration.

I am really looking forward to helping our customers understand the importance of supporting local farmers, and by extension, the local economy; and of course to providing them with advice and truly excellent products.

Hope to see you in-store!

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  1. Heather O says:

    Compassionate, healthy animal products are nice to have, aren’t they? I had to move from vegetarian to omnivore when my now 16-year-old was diagnosed with legume allergies when he was much younger. Apparently eating too much of the same thing can set off allergies in susceptible folks. I so wish I had a butcher like this around at the time. At least for my new brood of kids, I now that I can provide them with healthy, local, and loved meat! Horray!

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