Our First Customer


Our first customer on our first day was our good friend and local business lady – Christine. Christine runs her own fibre arts studio – Daisy Chains & Buttercups – creating beautiful hand-dyed roving, hand-spun yarn, buttons and fabulous woven tapestries. We asked her to share her thoughts with us …

Our first customer

Do you think The Manotick Village Butcher is a good idea?
I think it is a fabulous idea and one that is current with today’s trend towards buying local and supporting our local farmers.

Do you think The Manotick Village Butcher is needed?
Of course. Large chain grocery stores are not concerned with where they get their product only with being able to buy large quantities at ridiculously low prices. Their bottom line is profit. Small shops like Manotick Village Butcher are about community, supporting local and providing quality. They are supplying a much smaller market than chain grocery stores and so can source from smaller suppliers. We all deserve to earn an honest wage and this is my way of helping small business owners to do just that. Now if someone would open up a bakery in Manotick again…

Will you be coming back and shopping with us again?
Yes, I will be returning on a regular basis, probably a couple of times a week. I like buying fresh and being able to ask (and receive) just the cuts I’m looking for. I love the fact that I will know exactly where my meat is coming from and that I am supporting other small business owners and farmers as well as my local economy. These are the same people that I see in my daily life at work, at play, at church and in my community.

What are you looking forward to trying / having / enjoying?
I purchased some beef kebobs on opening day to cook on the BBQ. I’d like to try some chicken kebobs next time. I also have a special request in for a nice ham bone which I will use along with some of the bacon I saw in the display case to make a split pea soup. I have my eye on some lamb to make my favourite lamb curry too. I’m told that at Christmas time there will be “roast beast” (Grinch style)! Oh and yesterday when I stopped in there was some Oktoberfest sausage made from turkey that caught my attention.

Would you recommend it to others?
Yes! And Yes! Again.

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