Project manager by day …


Hi, my name’s Michelle, and I’m a Project Manager by day and Photographer by night!

I don’t remember ever really enjoying food. I was of the opinion that if someone could make a meal in a pill … I would be happy. Now having seen where some of the local food originates, I am becoming enthusiastic about eating better as well as trying the flavourful meat from each of the farms that I have visited.

When James and I spoke about his new venture, I became more curious about where my food was grown. I was excited with the opportunity to be able to help out by making pictures of where the butchery’s meat will be coming from but did not fully understand at that time what an amazing adventure it would become. My photography website is normally focused on exploring nature and scenery as motif and abstract to make “intimate landscapes”.

This adventure is allowing my partner Gerald and I (the city slickers) to go back to our farming roots of generations past. We are witnessing how farmers are hard workers, care about their animals and the quality of the product that they sell.

We are happy to support this venture that cares about the quality of the food they sell, as well as support and promote hard working local farmers.

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