Upcoming One Year Anniversary


Jennifer McLagan is visiting us again for our anniversary celebration on Sept 17th.
Jennifer came last year to sign copies of her first two books “Bones” and “Fat”.
This year she has a new book, Oddbits, that will make its Canadian debut right here
in the shop!

Oddbits is about the cuts of meat that many Canadians have never learned to work
with – heart, shank, chuck, even liver. I’ll admit that liver isn’t my favorite,
but, prepared properly it really isn’t as bad as its reputation. I’m actually quite
fond of a good steak and kidney pie, so I’m looking forward to Jennifer’s guidance
in making one. And I’m hoping she can help me with brawn (also known as headcheese,
but I like the British name better), I’ve tried it but I haven’t mastered it yet.
You can find out more about Jennifer and her books at:


We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our first year with samples from a variety of
our suppliers including samples from recipes from Jennifer’s book. She’ll signing
all of her books at the event.

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