A first look – May 24


It’s Wednesday 24th May and we’re back at the store or rather the site where the store once proudly stood. When you arrive the first obvious thing is the crane or digger or whatever you would like to call it sitting outside of what was V’s Cupcakes and where exactly has the rest of the front of the building gone?

There it sits in front of the empty space. Then you take a closer look and – where’s our door gone, the awning and it suddenly dawns on you that whatever might have been rescued from the front of the store may now be lost forever!

There’s sadness and a certain amount of anger as you look upon the rubble.

Anger? Yes! Why could we not have gotten a few things out before the demolition started? Just standing in the doorway on Sunday there were things that could have quite easily have been rescued – even if they had ultimately been tossed in the garbage; You would feel that you had saved something of the store rather than having that lost, helpless and empty feeling as you look over the rubble.

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