Fire Damaged – May 21


On the 21st May 2017 the store was affected by a fire that started in the roof space of one of the other units in the building. Although the store front itself was not affected directly by the fire we were caught up in the collateral damage caused by smoke, water and the roof collapsing!

When we first arrived on Sunday morning this is what we saw it really doesn’t look that bad does it? What you can’t see is the fire engine to the right and the firemen still checking that the fire was actually out. Everyone was strangely attracted to the sight; just to see that it had really happened more than anything else.

The front of the building doesn’t look too bad from here.

Looking through the open front door we could see that the roof had fallen in; but it really didn’t look to bad in the shop. We all started to wonder what we could rescue!

The shelves near the entrance were undamaged as well as all of the goods they contained. You can see in one of the pictures that the basket that held baguettes was completely undamaged! Fire can be a fickle beast.

When we ventured to the side and rear of the building that we really got a sense of how much damage had been done. V’s was completely gutted. It was such a shock to see how the fire had ripped through the store and left it as a charred shell.

Antlers and Guide dog collection box!

The rear of the building really showed how devastating things had been. The whole rear of the building was charred, the roof was gone. In fact the only thing that seemed to remain of the roof was the extractor hood chimney from our kitchen. The firemen who were still around did offer us the chance to get a little closer to the building and asked if they could get anything for us, as long as we could be very specific as to the location of the items. They were able to rescue the meat slicer, Lothar’s knives, the deer antlers and the collection box for guide dogs! We had hoped to be able to get some of the prepared food from the freezer but the fire investigators took over the scene before we could request that.

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