The beginning of the End


Well here’s something that we did not expect to find!
On the day of the fire James (store owner) was able to ask the firemen to retrieve the computers from the office and the front of the store. We weren’t really sure if we would be able to get anything from them but we had to try. Those computers held our accounting information, sales records, databases and many other files. One was an old Mac Mini that held our databases and email for us; it also included software that ran our security cameras. Would it work? Only one way to find out. Well, low and behold it powered up no problem! Apparently it is extremely difficult to break a Mac mini! Out of curiosity we took a look at the folder that would have held any saved footage from that night. It had files in it – we could take a look first hand (so to speak) of what happened.

The footage does not show much but we are able to determine (through the time stamped files) when the fire first started and what it looked like inside the store and a little action outside. So for your viewing pleasure (or not) we bring you the beginning of the end.

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