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Fresh by John Bishop and Dennis Green, is a collection of more than ninety award-winning seasonal recipes made with local foods. John Bishop and Dennis Green are, respectively, the owner and head chef of one of Vancouver’s top restaurants – … Continue reading

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What is a Pasty?

It struck me when I was working in the store the other day that on this ‘side of the pond’ not everyone knows what a pasty is, and that perhaps I should remedy that.

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Locavore by Sarah Elton is a blueprint for Canada’s local ‘good food’ revolution, it describes how foodies, urbanites, famers, gardeners and chefs across Canada are creating a new local food order that is sustainable and can feed us all.

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Feeling Sheepish!

Lamb has been gaining in popularity, but we have been having trouble sourcing enough to meet demand. So we are trying a new approach.

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Grand Opening Celebrations

Tomorrow is our Grand Opening and we are all super excited about it. We will start the celebrations off at 11am with a fabulous cake and naturally the good eats will continue all afternoon with free samples prepared by local … Continue reading

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Pasture Perfect

In ‘Pasture Perfect; the far-reaching benefits of choosing meat, eggs and dairy products from grass-fed animals’ Jo Robinson is championing a more natural way to raise livestock, by presenting compelling evidence that pasture raised is not only better for the … Continue reading

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A Taste of Manotick

Tomorrow – Saturday 21st August – come and experience all “the flavours” Manotick has to offer.

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The Compassionate Carnivore

With a full title of “The Compassionate Carnivore or, how to keep animals happy, save old MacDonald’s farm, reduce your hoofprint, and still eat meat” this book from it’s front cover let’s you know it’s purpose. And I feel it … Continue reading

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Our First Customer

Our first customer on our first day was our good friend and local business lady – Christine. Christine runs her own fibre arts studio – Daisy Chains & Buttercups – creating beautiful hand-dyed roving, hand-spun yarn, buttons and fabulous woven … Continue reading

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Holy Cows & Hog Heaven

With his book Holy Cows and Hog Heaven, honest-to-goodness-dirt-under-the-fingernails, optimistic clean farmer Joel Salatin hopes to bring other clean food farmers and their local communities together, to work together towards a food system that is good for the environment, the … Continue reading

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